How to write a novel with great characters

I posted this video on YouTube today about how to write a novel with great characters.

How to write a novel without great characters?

You know, I don’t think you can. A novel requires both character and story. If your story is strong, but your characters are weak, your reader may not keep reading. And that’s what you want – your readers hooked and reading more and more of your books.

Great characters will carry a weak plot, but a strong plot will fall apart with weak characters.

What are great characters?

Learning how to write a novel with great characters is more about observing people and other characters and noting what makes them tick.

A great hero is flawed and sometimes quite broken. A hero is supposed to learn something through the timeline of the story. If your hero is perfect at the beginning, what will they learn? Knowing what your hero needs to learn is a good way to build in a few weaknesses.

A great villain is the hero of their own story. If your villain seems weak, think about the story from their point of view. What if they were the hero? How differently would they act?

How to start building great characters

When thinking about how to write a novel, I start with the conflict between the two main characters. Finding how they will butt heads to get their goals, helps me to build layers in their profiles and makes them better characters.

Try watching people as they interact around you. Try dissecting the characters in your favorite books. Great characters are all around you if you look closely. Give your characters the chance to be great.

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