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Learning how to write a book is not as easy as finding a list of tips and advice. It’s important to know how you write, not how others write. Courses on writing are helpful when you know what kind of writer you are. how to write a book, writing your story, writing a book, first draft, writing

How to write a book – your way

When you start writing you may find that the act of putting words on a page is exciting until you get to around word 10,000 and now you don’t know what to do.

Is it okay for you to go back and make changes? Does that misplaced comma on page 12 matter? Will your hero ever start taking action?

Step one in the process of writing a book is to find out where you are on the scale of pantser to plotter.

Am I a pantser?

Do you like  to explore a story as you write? If you know the ending, can you keep your excitement up while you create the middle of the story?

Pantsers like to discover the story the way a reader would. If they know what is supposed to happen, it gets hard for them to stay excited about the journey. A pantser will often just sit down and start writing without knowing anything but the germ of an idea.

Am I a plotter?

If you like to have a map of the story and then enjoy filling in the details of that map, you may be a plotter. You like to know what’s happening in the next scene, or chapter and then you play with how the characters react to the situations.  You might be open to learning something about your story, or characters, but you might want to be in control of the story completely.

What’s the best way?

My advice on how to write a book, is to find your process and honor it. There is no right way, no best way. There are genre conventions and tips and advice about how to write a book, but anyone who says they know the right way is misleading you.

If you have that book inside you, and want to learn how to write a book by aligning with your own style, check out the course below.

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