How to get free books through Goodreads.

Free books are a great way to try out new authors. Goodreads has two basic ways to get free books. Giveaways and giveaways. Confused?

Giveaways the group

The G from the GoodReads logo

If you join the Giveaways group, you can browse for what the authors have posted.  Posted by month, you’ll find ebooks, print books, swag and ARC (advanced reader copies). There’s not a lot there right now, but the variety is solid.

Giveaways the official site

If you look at the drop down beside explore on the top, you’ll find giveaways. This is a managed promotion and only for print books published within the last 6 months – or about to publish. The author puts up a giveaway of a specific number of books, you sign up for a chance, and the Goodreads team picks the winners.

When you get a free book

There’s no obligation for you to leave a review anywhere for a giveaway, although it’s much appreciated.