How to become a writer | tips on releasing the book inside you

One of the ways to find out how to become a writer is to explore the way books get written. There are online courses and books galore about learning to write, but what they don’t help you learn is how YOU become a to become a writer, how to write a book, how to write a novel

How to become a writer – the writer YOU have inside

The key to becoming a writer is to learn how you write. Studying books on structure and style and plot and character development will deepen your understanding of the theory of writing.

Theory is great when you come to revise your book, but the secret most writers know is you aren’t a writer until you put words on a page. The trick to doing that is to stop expecting your first draft to be perfect.

A book on the page can be fixed, a book in your head can’t

The secret to getting the book on the page is to silence that voice inside that tells you that you are a lousy writer. We all hear the inner editor.  No matter how many books they’ve written or how successful they are, every author is critical of their own work.

Becoming a writer requires you to write. That sounds pat, but sometimes writing is the hardest part for new authors.

How to silence the voice – at least until it’s needed

Two skills help to silence your inner editor.

Learn your process means working out your first draft approach. Are you a plotter who puts the framework together before drafting the story, or a panster who sits down and writes by the seat of their pants?

If you try to write in a style that isn’t comfortable, you leave all kinds of openings for the inner editor to point to problems.

Give the inner editor a reason to trust you can be as simple as agreeing with it. If you don’t argue with the voice, it loses power over you. If the voice isn’t undermining your confidence, you can just write.

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