How has your reading changed?

I have thirty plus books on my Kindle and I find I read 3 or 4 at a time. As I was cleaning up the list, I noticed how different the books were in genre and style -they range from experimental science fiction to romantic comedy.

I used to be a fairly focused reader. I would read epic fantasies until I needed a change and then move on to a different genre.  Now I read all kinds of books at once and I wonder if that’s changing the kind of books I choose.antique-book-pile

The reason I read like I’m at a buffet

I think the main reason is I’m so busy I don’t have the opportunity to lose myself in the world of a book and some stories need that.

I love the fact I can read at any given opportunity on my phone or on my Kindle, but it does make it hard to get into an epic fantasy or a far future vision of humans in space.  It does work well for romance, and thrillers, and anything else that is set in a familiar world.

I still love those stories that pull me into a different world, but I find I need a break from the intensity of the experience. What’s great is that now I can. I carry all 30+ books with me at all times.

I read in tastes now instead of in full meals.

How has your life or technology changed the way you read?

As we get older we get busier. Some of us give up things we love because we feel we have to. Some of us search for ways to cling to everything.

How about you? What’s changed for you in your reading habits, preferences, or even in the way you understand story?