Helping others – cash, time or other

This is a little different from my usual post because I’m getting into the end of year assessment sa banner with the firefox logo that states 'not every venture is about capital'tate of mind. That means, for me, asking if I am happy with how I help others.

The give a fish v teach to fish issue

The saying as I understand it is ‘it is better to teach a man to fish than feed him a fish’. I support that idea, but if the man is too hungry to hold the fishing pole, all the teaching in the world won’t help.

I don’t have a lot of time to volunteer, and I don’t have the emotional fortitude to handle the heartbreak of poverty. I also believe that I need to help my own community and the global community because desperate poverty is something that makes our world less than it could be.

My approach – feeding the fish

I give to the local food bank because I hate the thought that my neighbor can’t afford food. I also give to Covenant House because children shouldn’t be trapped on the street. What’s unusual for me, is to support a religious charity – which Covenant House is – because I don’t think a helping hand should come at the cost of your beliefs – which at Covenant House it isn’t.

My approach – teaching to fish

I’ve also started supporting Kiva because I see this as a helping hand for people who are already on the path to self sufficiency. And it fulfills my need to help outside my community.

So why is this important to you, reader?

I’m always reviewing what I do in helping others, so I was wondering what else is out there – how else I can help.  I’ve been thinking about raising money through my book sales, giving a portion away – or even bequeathing my rights in my will.

So, reader, if you want to share your favorite charity or activity that helps people, here’s a forum. Let us know who to support.