Have you found some new favorites from free downloads?

There’s a bit of controversy out on the interweb about free books. When I say a bit, it’s like most

writing on blackboard Oh Yes! It's Free

controversy in the virtual world, polarized. I download free books if they sound interesting. I find it’s about 50/50 ratio of ones I like versus ones I don’t read through.

How to make the most out of free books

This seems to be an odd subject. Isn’t free always full value? Or, always bad?

I think that readers who label all free books as crap – and these people are out there posting on boards and commenting on blogs – are missing the point. Authors are usually not putting their books out as free because they don’t think the book is worth money. It’s to get your attention, to introduce you – risk free – to their work.

Making the most out free book offers is like dining at an all-you-can-eat buffet. If the buffet has food that you don’t like, do you pile up your plate with food you don’t like just because it’s there? No, you take what you want of the food you love (of course you would take healthy food too, right?).

Downloading every free book on offer is like a vegetarian loading up on fried chicken just because it’s all-you-can-eat.

Be choosy and be surprised

I look at the books on offer and if the blurb looks like something I’ll read, I download the free book. That way my Kindle isn’t choked with books I will never read. I make sure I take a minute to read a bit of each book right after downloading, if the writing is good, I move on to sample the next book. If the writing is bad, I delete to book.

Occasionally I end up deleting a book after reading more than just a few pages. A good story and interesting characters will take me past the odd grammar error or typo, but there are a few books I got for free that I had to give up after reading 3/4 of the story because the writing got worse not better.

I’ve found favorites that I would never have read if I had to pay

This first happened with Ruth Downie’s Medicus series. Kobo had Medicus on for a free promo. I loved the book from page one. I’ve bought every other book in the series.

I found Anna Elliott through a free download – Demon Hunter and Baby. I’ll be picking up more of her books as soon as I’ve cleared a bit of room on the Kindle.

I just finished Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead, by Christiana Miller. I’ll be buying more of her work.

How to get list of free Kindle books

Through Facebook and online subscriptions to:

Ereader News Today


Pixel of Ink

If you know of other places to get free books, comment here and share the buffet.