Haunting Refrain by Ellis Vidler: Book Review

It’s bad enough when you find out you have psychic powers, but adding onto it experiencing the death of a young woman, it’s impossible to keep secret.

Kate loves her new life. It’s refreshing not to live with the rules and expectations of her ex-husband. Haunting Refrain, McGuire women, Ellis Vidler, mystery, romance, paranormalWhat she doesn’t want is any more publicity. When she’s taking part in an experimental research project she shatters the peace of her life. The innocent headband takes her into the body of a young woman just as the killer is strangling her.

The attention she gets is all due to the reporter she wants to avoid. He’s too damn smart and too good looking for her peace of mind.

I recommend this to anyone looking for a good mystery with a great romance and a lot of paranormal interference.

RATING: Haunting Refrain, McGuire women, Ellis Vidler, mystery, romance, paranormal

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