Guest post today on Lightning Book Promotions

I guest posted over at Stormi’s blog today. She asked me to write about my process so the post is aimed at writers. Sometimes I wonder what these posts might mean to readers.

painting caligraphy in black ink on white paper

What process means to a writer

For some writers, the process is there to be a tool. It helps them get from the idea to the final form. For others it is a burden, a constant challenge to their endurance and creativity – if it didn’t hurt, it won’t be good.

What process means to a reader

I submit that it means nothing to the reader. A book isn’t better because the author suffered or didn’t. A book is great, or it isn’t.

Some readers may be interested in how their favorite authors actually create the  stories. And there’s always that comment (usually admiring) “how do you write a whole book?” But I don’t think anyone is expecting a detailed lecture about pantsing or plotting. Because it just doesn’t matter.

The expression ‘the proof of the pudding is in the tasting’, is true. Not many people want to know how the pudding was made – Food Network, please forgive me – they just want to taste it.