Goodreads listopia – how to find books

A short post today on the topic of Goodreads listopia.   There are two ways to recommend a book on Goodreads. Do a review, an honest one, or vote on listopias.

a woman dressed as santa writing a listQuick note on reviews

If you leave a review on Goodreads, the author can make sure it flows through to some of the online retailers. Leaving a review is as simple as giving the book some stars or writing a thoughtful analysis.


They can be found on the drop down next to explore at the top of the screen. Or here. 

The great thing about these lists is you can vote on books that are already there and add books to someone’s list. You can also create your own lists. I created Women who Solve Crimes a few weeks ago and now there are 70 books on the list.

If  I am looking for a good book in a specific genre, I go to the listopia and see what people are voting for.