Finding your way, how do you deal with getting lost

Ah my dear GPS. Like many things in life, when you work, you are wonderful. When you don’t, interesting things happen. Today I spent a lot of time convincing you we weren’t 40 kilometers down the road.

a picture of a compass in yellow and brown

Life doesn’t come with a GPS, so sometimes we find ourselves wandering off the route we planned. Is that always a bad thing?

When getting lost is scary

I have a habit of planning things out. Not always to the extent that I know – or try to control – everything that happens, but enough that I know what I want and how I’m going to get there. I’m getting off the route, sometimes because I choose to and sometimes because something forces me off. I have to admit, being forced off is the scary part. I get forced off because I’m not keeping my eye on what’s going on. I get forced off because I get so tightly focused on what I want to go, and don’t see that other people are making plans too.

When getting lost is fun

When I choose to step off the path. When I have some sense of control or contribution to my diversion. In my writing plan, I stepped off the path and decided to start writing romances. It pushed my writing plan around because the current series all have more books to write. But, I found a way, because I chose the change of direction.

The bottom line

I think the way to become more resilient is to test yourself and step off the path you set once in a while. If you don’t, then everything that gets you lost, or changes your plans, comes from the outside. I have a fear of being lost. Today, my GPS couldn’t find the hotel. I didn’t freak out. I knew I was on the right road, I just turned around and eventually I found the hotel. The thing is I had no idea how long the road was, I just trusted that I would find my destination, or help.

Is it that easy? Not really. Even today, I could not convince my GPS to accept the location. I needed to know that I could get back to the hotel every night this week without having to take a 40K detour. I can’t read directions when I am driving – perhaps due to the speed factor – so I need to rely on my GPS. My solution? I found a restaurant nearby that I could use as my destination. Problem solved.

If things don’t go the way you planned, try looking around for the solution.