Finding time to write in your schedule

Finding time to write is like finding time for anything. It’s hard to fit anything into our schedules these days. The trick is to value the time to write.finding time to write, time to write, write, not enough time

The problem of finding time to write – or anything

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately about this issue. I’ve just worked with a business partner to launch an online course about time management called Success Productivity Skills. The course is for entrepreneurs, but the tools and techniques are perfect for anyone who feels like their schedule is controlling them.

The main challenge to finding time to write is that everyone wants to control your priorities.

The solution

Don’t let anyone control your entire schedule. Start planning your week in advance. Put the MUST Do items in and then put the time to write. It doesn’t have to be hours, a half hour a day would be better than no time, right? It may take a few weeks of experimenting before you make the writing time stick in your schedule, but keep trying. We all have the same amount of time in our days, some of us do a different job of prioritizing it.

When you find the time to write….

This may be the real problem, not knowing how to make the most of the time you have to write. You may have already discovered that waiting for the inspiration to hit is not the best way to use the time you’ve found to write.

I’ve found a trick that seems to get me writing no matter how tired or uninspired I feel. I just start writing dialogue. When I have my characters talking, it seems to get easier to just keep writing. This tip might not work for you, but something will. Try writing a few words of description, or dialogue,  or action. Don’t worry about the quality of the writing, just write.

Finding time to write is really only half the solution. Finding something to write is the other half.

Good luck.