Finding Southern Comfort by Barbara Lohr: Book Review

In this book, which is subtitled as a prequel to the Windy City Romances, a Chicago girl gets involved as the nanny for the daughter of a Savannah gentleman. It seemed like a bit of a trite premise, but Barbara Lohr delivered a cute and heartwarming romance.   barbara lohr, finding southern comfort, romance, Savannah,

Harper is down on her luck and broken hearted when she shows up at the door ready to entertain at a children’s party. It’s a bit late, but that’s okay, sometimes the games are played at the end. Finding herself the attraction at a bachelor party, she has no choice but to give it her best go because it’s the only way to make her rent.

Everything goes wrong, but it does lead her to apply for the position of Bella’s nanny.

I recommend the book to people who like romance with a little heartbreak on the side.

RATING:    barbara lohr, finding southern comfort, romance, Savannah,

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