Family day, a time to connect

This weekend is our first Family Day in British Columbia. A time to hangout with your family – the one you were born into or created. Or is it an opportunity to create the new rules?

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Family Day as an opportunity

We all have traditions relating to the holidays. I wrote about this in my post about tradition.

This new holiday comes as a blank canvas. What could your family write on that canvas. Family Day, is it a day of fun? A day when no one works? When games are played?

The purpose of long weekends

Theoretically, a long weekend is about rest, recharge, and reconnect. Family Day was created for two reasons. First we apparently needed a long weekend in February – it’s sometimes a long ride from New Year’s to Easter. And we needed time to connect with our families.

Regardless of why the holiday was created, it’s a long weekend in a dreary time of year. It’s as good an opportunity to hibernate as it is to celebrate.

Our family

My family consists of three blood relatives, an in-law, and up to 4 friends as family. The core family is the Canadian contingent – many more relatives abroad. We started a new tradition as my parents aged that we would take turns hosting holidays. The format can change, but it generally means food and fun. We play games and we laugh and drink wine.

We’re a pretty simple group of people.

Your family

It intrigues me to hear how other people define family. Is your family day about blood relatives and in-laws? Do you have a structured agenda for the day? Are there so many of you that you need to rent chairs? Many of my friends have no traditional family. They gather in groups that change from two or three people to 10 or 12 or sometimes more.

Your traditions

If you are a family heavy in tradition, so much so that expectations are high when you host a holiday event, can you take a wild step outside the box and surprise everyone?

This last Christmas, my sister hosted (well, she kind of sneak hosted) and she surprised us with ham instead of turkey. How would that have gone over in your home?

If you are celebrating in British Columbia, have a great Family Day. If you are in the rest of Canada, enjoy yours on the 18th.