Evidence of Guilt by Jonnie Jacobs | book review

This was a freebie deal (If you haven’t signed up for notification of deals, check out Pixel of Ink and Ereader News Today). Sometimes they are a great read. That’s true about this one. I was wrapped up in evidence of guilt, kali obrien, mstery, book review, jonnie jacobsthe mystery from the beginning. I liked the characters, and I was surprised when the murderer’s identity was revealed. The clues were all there, they were just skillfully hidden.

Kali O’Brien has returned to her home town after leaving a prestigious job in San Fransisco. Running her own show is good, but getting business is hard. She agrees to help out an old friend with a case defending a killer the whole town thinks is guilty. The case may be high profile, but not everyone is happy that she’s involved.

I recommend this if you like a cozy mystery with an edge.

RATING:evidence of guilt, kali obrien, mstery, book review, jonnie jacobs


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