Energy, where do you get yours?

Energy is something that we all need. It’s what gets us going and helps in that final push to success. Do you know where you get that boost? Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

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There are a number of tests you can find on-line to discover whether you get your energy from others or from self. The ones based on Myers Briggs testing are fairly accurate. These test come in many flavors, personality, communication style, leadership style.

The thing to remember is we all get this kind of energy from within. What flicks the switch from tired to party mode is different.

Energy and the introvert

In this definition of an introvert, we’re not talking about the shy wallflower who would rather put pins in her eyes than talk in public. We’re talking about people who get refreshed and energized from time on their own.  You might think that writers are all introverts. You might be surprised how many of the authors you know are actually extroverts.  You also might be surprised how many entertainers are introverts.

Let’s take a look at how an introvert gets through their day.  A good day for an introvert will include time alone. If their schedule has them running from meeting to event to family dinner, they are going to be exhausted. The fact that they are in ‘public’ all day will drain their energy.

For the introvert, a five minute break alone can restore them enough to keep going like the Energizer Bunny.

The extrovert and energy

An extrovert actually gets energized by being with people. They get a buzz from the conversations and can party all night long. To be clear, they don’t suck the energy from anyone around them, they just access their own energy by being with people (no vampires needed).

Does that mean every public speaker is an extrovert? No, I think you’ll find the extroverts are more represented in the entertainment field, but there are plenty of introverts in show business.

How does the extrovert get through their day? Contact with people. If an extrovert has to spend time researching something alone in a cubicle, they will be worn out by the end of the day. With no one to interact with and spark that energy, they just get drained.

This is one of the challenges in open offices. When introverts and extroverts have to work together in an open office environment, the introverts will start posting ‘good cubicle behavior’ and the extroverts will blithely ignore them.

The tip for today

If you are feeling like you’re used up at the end of your day, you might just need a five minute recharge. If you don’t know how you get energized, try an on-line test and see if knowing your ‘troversion’ helps.

I’m an introvert (most people who know me are surprised by that). I know that if I am around people all day, I won’t be able to do anything creative unless I take some quiet time to energize.