Don’t Let Me Go by Catherine Ryan Hyde | Book review

The story starts out with a group of odd people who all need help. It goes on to become odder and more engaging as Grace affects everyone she touches. A drug addicted mother, a lonely and housebound friend and an apartment full of characters. Grace finds a way to open the hearts all around her.


Don’t Let Me Go don't let me go, catherine ryan hyde, book review

By Catherine Ryan Hyde

Here’s the bio from Amazon:

Catherine Ryan Hyde is the author of 25 published and forthcoming books, including WHERE WE BELONG, WHEN I FOUND YOU, WALK ME HOME, SECOND HAND HEART, DON’T LET ME GO, and WHEN YOU WERE OLDER. New Kindle editions of her backlist titles FUNERALS FOR HORSES, EARTHQUAKE WEATHER AND OTHER STORIES, ELECTRIC GOD, and WALTER’S PURPLE HEART are now available. Also available is THE LONG, STEEP PATH: EVERYDAY INSPIRATION FROM THE AUTHOR OF PAY IT FORWARD, her first book-length creative nonfiction. She has two new novels forthcoming from Amazon Publishing in 2014, TAKE ME WITH YOU in July and THE LANGUAGE OF HOOFBEATS in December.


Highly recommended for people who like stories that are character driven and full of hope. I will be buying more from this author.


Don't let me go, catherine ryan hyde, book review