Does the form of the book matter? Ebook, Paperback, Hardcover,

It seems like there is so much out on the interwebs about ebooks versus real books. I wonder how the idea of story fell out of the equation.

a picture of a papyrus scroll with two blocks of text

I am an ebook reader. I read on my phone and my Kindle. I had a Kobo reader but it died an awful death when I dropped it onto the tiled floor.

When I read posts and articles about the death of books, I wonder if there is a difference in the story whether you read it in a different form.

Hardcovers – the first class experience?

I rarely read hardcovers. They are expensive and heavy. For me it’s like paying ten times the price of an economy seat to fly first class. You are still on the same plane, if it’s late, first class is just as late as economy. You get better food and service in first class, do you get better reading with a hardcover book? I guess the benefit you get with any paper version is being able to pass it along, donate it, or keep it in a mini hoarder kind of situation.

Paperbacks – business class?

While cheaper than hardcovers, paperbacks can be more expensive or cheaper than ebooks. This may change with the class action suit, but being cheaper and lighter than hardcovers makes them at least more accessible. In business class on the plane you do get a bit more service, but it is a disappearing section of the plane. Does this mean the paperback is endangered?

Ebook – economy?

The cheapest seats on the plane and the cheapest (well, depending on the class action suit) form of a book. In economy you get the basics and the cheapest flights. Ebooks so far do much better when they are text only. That will change I’m sure.

I think the story is the same not matter how you read it. The value of the form is what you will pay. As long as there is profit to be made, the publishers will continue to produce the form.

So, what is your favorite form and why?