Do you feel the need to defend your favorite books?

With the advent of cool e-readers, I realized I could read anything I wanted without people knowing the exact book. It’s not that I was ashamed of the books, but people want to engage you in conversation when they know what you are reading. Having the blank grey face to the world was a key to private enjoyment in public. Well, at least when people got used to seeing Kindles and Kobos and Sony e-readers and so on.

 How has it changed my reading?

I am much more adventurous in trying new authors. I love the download sample feature and I have found a lot of new favorites that way. I also read in public more than I ever have before. I

picture of a Kindle Reading Devise on a flat background

tend to read genre, just because I enjoy reading it, not because all my college literature courses burned out the fun of reading a ‘Novel’.

So what?

I’ve been starting to ponder why I am more happy to read in public with an e-reader. I think it’s because I feel the need to defend why I’m reading Science Fiction, or Romance, or Fantasy. I’m not sure why, maybe because I am old enough to look like I’m past the willingness of youth to believe in a better world through fairies/elves/spaceships. But, with the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, I wonder if I’m just living in an old paradigm. Is reading more of a tribal activity than a solitary pleasure?

The Bottom line

For me it’s a benefit. I’m an admitted change junkie and as much as I try, I can’t understand when someone resists change. I’m not talking about people who want to read a print book instead of an electronic one, reading is sensory and if you need to feel and smell the page, then that’s what you need. I’m talking about people who want to hold everyone back to the past.

You can find it everywhere now that the internet has become a forum for debate (to put it nicely).There are people out in the blogosphere who only post provocation. They may not even believe what they publish, it’s just to get people talking. Any issue that can be debated seems fall into a bitter war of holding positions. It’s nice to find a way to keep the gentle quiet world of a book in my head if I want to.

So, go ahead read what you want. There will always be people who judge you by your book’s cover. Let them. Don’t let it be about fitting in, let it be about your enjoyment.