Die Laughing 2 collection | book review

I don’t usually enjoy collections, unless they are by the same author. I have to admit that I didn’t read the full description before I bought. It turned out to be a good thing because I liked the stories in this collection. I’m not sure about the laughing part, though. Some of the stories are a bit grim.

Here’s the rundown by story.

GONE THE NEXT, BY BEN REHDER      book review, die laughing 2, ben reader, Paul Levine, Parnell Hall, Bill Fitzhugh, Steve Brewer

A complex story about child abduction, revenge, betrayal, and new beginnings. We follow Roy as he gets entangled with the search for a young girl who is abducted. Roy is a videographer  – he films people who are committing insurance fraud. He isn’t a private investigator, he assures everyone. When he sees the girl, the police don’t believe him, but the kidnappers might be on to him. (5 stars)


Lassiter doesn’t fit in with the fancy law firm. He’s not prepared to suffer fools, or defend a wife beater. It’s time to launch his own practice – just because his office is in a parking garage doesn’t mean he’s not up to the job. His first case is complicated with the repercussions of his resignation and the fact that the opposing lawyer is his old boss. (5 stars)


Sometimes getting a case to solve isn’t the windfall it seems. When he’s offered a good fee to follow a spouse, Stanley reluctantly agrees because he has bills to pay. Two problems, Stanley has no confidence in his abilities, and the client is a bit hard to contact. Murder, secrets, and misdirection all lie in Stanley’s future. (4 stars)


Being a radio DJ just as radio seems to be dying scares Rick. Taking a job in a small southern town seems like the last step in a long slow slide. The station manager is a jerk, but that seems par for the course. Trying to find out what happened to the last DJ is where Rick takes a dangerous step into corruption, murder, and love. (5 stars)


In this story there aren’t any good people. Northern California is a nest of hillbillies, drug lords, and the entitled rich. Eric doesn’t belong with the rich even though he married into money. He doesn’t belong with the hillbillies either, even though he is dragged there after surviving a freak car accident. Seemingly carried along with everyone’s plans, Rick thinks he’s finally found a way out. A little criminal activity couldn’t hurt, right? (4 stars)


OVERALL RATING:     book review, die laughing 2, ben reader, Paul Levine, Parnell Hall, Bill Fitzhugh, Steve Brewer

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