Criticism: when do you listen?

Criticism is interesting it can make us capable of great things by showing the possibilities, or it can limit our lives. I came across this article on BookPage about yet another person who was told they had no talent and it made me wonder how thatovercoming critiques by knowing yourself feedback can shape your life. I’ve talked about reviewing in this post, but here we are talking about judgement – someone judging you to be something less than you are.

The ‘I’ll show you’ approach

I’m a bit of an contrarian. If someone tells me I can’t do something, I immediately look for a way to do it and do it well.

So if I had been told I didn’t have talent the way P.I. McCone was, I would have done exactly the same thing. Keep improving and finding a way to learn that talent.

The ‘I’ll ignore you’ approach

For some people, actually I think in some circumstances everyone can do this, you know you can do something. You know the person telling you that you aren’t good enough is wrong. So you just keep going.

The ‘you are so right, I’ll stop’ approach

I’ll admit that not everyone who advises you that you can’t do something is going to be wrong. Sometimes they are right and listening is going to save you a lot of heartache. How do you know when this is the case? Well, I’ll turn that question to you, reader. Is there some advice you were given in the past that rang true? How did you handle it?