Chocolate as a stress management tool

When stress piles up and you just need a little treat, what do you reach for? It’s a challenge we all face, and we all deal with it differently. We all know it’s not good for us to reach for a food or drink item to manage our stress, but sometimes that long walk or yoga session just doesn’t cut it. chocolate, wine, pizza, stress, stress management


Eating your stress is the fastest way to become obese. We all have our coping strategies for those days when we can’t get anything to go smoothly.

Chocolate is the once in a while treat. It contains two things that I love, the chemicals that make me feel happy and caffeine. On a day when every movement forward is blocked, taking a walk helps, but a square of chocolate (well, a bar) can just make everything better.


Perhaps more dangerous than chocolate, alcohol is another thing that will sometimes help to get over the hump. One glass, maybe two, but never more as a stress management tool. Anything over the small limit and it adds it’s own stress to the mix.

Pizza and the rest of the food groups

I love pizza, but I don’t find it helps reduce my stress. I guess I should be happy that there’s something I don’t eat for stress reduction. It’s hard to just have a small piece of pizza, right? The great thing about chocolate and wine, is that the scale doesn’t automatically go up the next day.

So that’s how I look at food and stress

I still find that a walk or other exercise is a great way to really reduce stress. What the walk doesn’t do is make me feel better. I just feel less stressed.

So the three point stress management tip today is,

  1. don’t get too stressed – most challenges are not worth the emotions that bring the stress
  2. light exercise when you do get stressed – something about it takes your mind off what’s going on
  3. when you need it, have a treat. I recommend a high quality chocolate

What do you do to keep stress at bay?