Carrying on through the changes

I am waiting for the new WordPress upgrade to heal. The great new media upload doesn’t work in my themes. It’s being fixed, I have all kinds of faith. What it made me think of was how we don’t seem to have a way to reach comfort on with the social aspect of the virtual world. When things go sideways, is carrying on the right strategy, or is there a time when we need to reassess and decide it’s not worth it? Whatever it is.

The recent upgrade has turned my view of my posts into something resembling a 1980’s forum post. No headings work, no images get uploaded, no links can be created. Basically I see the text view, not the visual. Everything I’ve learned about SEO attention is out the window unless I learn how to write in HTML. Okay, I could do that, but since this has happened to both of my sites, and they have different themes, so I prefer to have my excellent web magician, Claire, do her thing and fix me.

There is an upside. My posts take so little time now because I’m not searching for images.

When I sat down today to write this blog, I wondered if it was worth it. Without all the bells and whistles, would people be interested, and would they find me? The answer was easy to get. I wrote a blog post over at Perry A Wilson Consulting, and the site hits were about the same as before. So I decide carrying on is the way to go. I’ll go back to the bells and whistles when they are reattached.

This is a slightly different thing. For the second time in as many months, my author page doesn’t give me my news feed. So I can’t like, share or comment on the posts of people I like. A bit of a self fulfilling prophecy here. If I can’t be social, who will be social back?

In an ironic twist, when I first posted the notice that I couldn’t see the feeds, I got a popup that told me I could pay a fee and have the post promoted. Hmm, pay for something that I don’t know is working when the free piece doesn’t work periodically and there’s no way to get support. No thanks. I continually wonder if Facebook is worth carrying on as something other than a personal site.

The difference in my opinion
Why do I think WordPress is worth it?
Three key points.
1 – they are a tool for my platform, not a platform
2 – I can tell if something is working or not
3 – I can rely on the fact that if I learn to do something, it will always work.
An example is the SEO without pictures, links, or headings – carrying on is going to get me results.

Why do I think that Facebook is not necessarily worth it?
Three key points.
1 – lots of rules that make sure I’m valuable to them – as a data cluster
2 – no real way of knowing if I’m being successful in the learning curve
3 – restrictions on what and who I see. If I am friends with someone, I want to see what they have to say, not what Facebook deems as the portion of information I should get.

The bottom line
Thinking back to high school, which is rampant with examples for life.

Facebook is the cool kids, they decide who is allowed within the circle, who’s cool enough to hang out at the party. As long as everyone sees them as the cool kid, they are successful (unlike high school this is a problem. Social media sites come and go).

WordPress is the caterer or DJ (dating myself?). They support the cool kids, they don’t define them. They don’t judge, or restrict you.

I’ll still keep working with Facebook, but I have to say when it doesn’t work, I don’t much care. I can always get my message out. I do miss the messages of my friends, but most of them are also with me on Twitter or Google+ or my personal Facebook pages.

Have a great New Year