Can you find inspiration anywhere?

It’s been a challenging week. I rarely have difficulty sitting down and writing, but this week I’ve been traveling and that usually leaves me feeling a little weary. Not so much the physical weary, the emotional weary. Not being in my own home and knowing I’ll need to do housework when I get home. Not being able to read on my Kindle for the whole flight. Waiting for planes. Waiting for luggage. Blah, it’s draining.

Inspiration for what?

There are all kinds of inspiration. Often creative people seek inspiration

a blurry picture of lights reflected in the water of a river

for their art. Inspiration to write, to paint, to compose.

The other kind is to get going, to put bum in chair, to write a few more words.

When you are not trying to coax that creative spark, this need for inspiration might be to get on the bus, to get out of bed, to think of something new for dinner.

Finding the spark

The picture in this blog is my inspiration. The reality is much better than the picture – photos are not my talent. The lights shine on the water – they are from a paper plant on the turn of the river. The serenity of the water at night is calming. When I need a little kick to get things going, I keep looking out at this view.

The river always works because it doesn’t compete for my attention. I think that’s important. I can write with the TV on – as long as the writing is flowing. I work with music on because it distracts part of my brain that criticize my efforts. But, when I need to push myself to get going on something, the river is what I turn to because it doesn’t ask anything of me.

Is your inspiration near at hand? Or do you need something more divine – some floating muse who deigns to offer you help occasionally?

Can you force the inspiration?

I think you can look for inspiration in the world around you.  I don’t think you can force it. I think that if you have to put effort into dragging inspiration out of something, it’s not going to work. Whether you are looking for a spark of creativity or a friendly shove to get something done, inspiration is the part that isn’t work.

If you are feeling the weary blahs, if you can see the edge of your rut well over your head, why not look around to find the spark?