Books online, do you have a favorite place to buy?

There are a multitude of places to buy books online. People seem to have their favorites and I’ve been interested in why one site is preferred. I gathered some answers to ‘why do you prefer to buy books online from X’.books online, buying ebooks, ebooks, kindle, kobo, amazon, sony, B&N

The first point – what does buying books online mean?

Lately, I’ve noticed a few old subjects are surfacing. The fact that you buy a license not a ‘real’ book when you get an ebook – yes, it’s true. The ‘what if my Kindle, Kobo, Sony Reader, Nook, or laptop crashes? I’ll lose all my books’ – nope. All legitimate sites keep a record of what you’ve bought and you can just download them again.

Buying physical books online is the same as buying them in the bookstore – except for a bit of a delay in delivery.

The answers to why people prefer some sites over others

Admittedly it wasn’t a scientific survey, and there are only a couple of answers, but there’s a theme. I buy books online from Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, because I like the way it works.

Amazon, still the biggest place to buy books online, or anything else for that matter, is a one click purchase site. If you have a Kindle, or use the Kindle reader app, it’s the easiest path from see a book to read a book.

Kobo, getting better all the time. The process is a bit more clunky to get your book onto the reader, but it’s not too hard. They use epub, so the book is compatible with other readers and they have a good selection. The downside as I have experience Kobo is their search engine isn’t all that reliable.

Smashwords, a huge on online ebook distributor. This is a great place to get free books online. The books are mostly self publishers and you can find some interesting reads. The books are epub, and are compatible with most ereaders (not Kindle because Amazon uses .mobi). You need a separate reading application, but those are free, so no problem.

So where do you get your books online?

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