Board Stiff by Kendel Lynn: Book Review

Elliott Lisbon is a woman with a mission. She runs the Ballantyne Foundation and does PI work on the side at the request of the founder. Her world is a bit crazy, but she can handle it with enough hand sanitizer.  Board stiff

That is, until one of the board members is killed, and she finds out that her mentor at the police station retired without telling her. Even worse, his replacement is the boyfriend who abandoned her years ago, and he’s only gotten hotter in the years since.

Elliott has to dodge Ransom’s disapproving control freakism as she desperately searches for the killer before he arrests the wrong person.

I recommend this to anyone who likes a whacky group of characters and a lot of kookie humor with their mystery. I reviewed book 2, Whack Job,  if you want to know how the series progresses.

RATING: Board Stiff, Elliot Lisbon, Kendel Lynn, Book Review, mystery, humor, romance, book review

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