Banned Books, Top ten video

Banned books, every wonder why they get that way – poor upbringing?

Here’s a YouTube video that explains why the top ten books were banned, and why. The list includes some surprises for me – both in the book being banned, and the reason why.

Is there ever a good reason to ban a book? I have trouble with the concept, not because I can’t describe the books I would ban, but because I can’t articulate where the line would be drawn. Isn’t that the usual problem, it’s not the outliers, it’s the middle – the line that gets crossed.

National Novel Writing month progress

Ever wonder why some of your favorite authors go quiet in November? Well, like me they are scrambling to write their next book. I’m now 36.5 thousand words into a book that will probably be about 60 thousand words by the end of the month.

Enjoy the video.