Authors who cross the road to mystery/thriller writing

Alligator crossing a two lane road There are a few people who write mysteries but are better known for other genres. I’ve noticed that the number of these authors is increasing lately. I wonder if it’s because they find it easier to cross genres by self publishing or it’s simply a new energy in the genre.

Two notable authors are below. I’d recommend either of them for a read.

Ann Voss Peterson

She came to my attention through a blog post – I can’t believe I’ve forgotten which. The big story was that she was sick of her miniscule  payments from Harlequin and had decided to go into self publishing. I haven’t read her romances, but I decided to read the mystery they were touting. I did it because she was linked to Joe Konrath and I trust his recommendation.

Pushed Too Far was a gritty read that didn’t go over the line until it had to. Not for the squeamish, but a damn good tale. I’ll be checking out her other titles soon.

Nora Roberts -writing as J.D. Robb

When I picked up my first In Death book, I knew it was Nora in disguise, she’s very open about it now. The In Death series are set in the future with all the necessary technology changes. An ex scoundrel hunk and a future cop, team up – sometimes they are on opposing sides of an issue – and solve crimes.

It sounds a bit like a cozy with the husband and wife team, but it’s not.  Eve Dallas is definitely the lead on every case. The crimes are nasty and the criminals are vicious. Adding in a dollop of sex and romance is what Nora does best. I’d recommend starting with Naked in Death because it’s number 1 in the series. The books are snack sized so a great summer read.

What are some of your favorite authors who have put their toe into the mystery/thriller world? Where do we start with their books?