Artistic License by Nageeba Davis: Book Review

Maggie Kean is finally getting her art show. Schmoozing the patrons is not her strength, so when one of the oddest members of the crowd asks to see if she has something edgier to show him, Maggie sees it as a way to duck the responsibility. She regrets her cowardice as soon as she looks in the kiln where there’s a dead body — crispy and blackened from the heat.   artistic license

She doesn’t want to investigate. That’s Sam’s job and he keeps pushing her away so she’ll be safe. The problem is that she needs to know and Sam is holding all the clues very close to his chest. It leaves her only one option, start investigating on her own.

I recommend this to anyone who likes a cozy mystery with a dash of humor and a dollop of romance. I reviewed book 1, Artful Dodger, if you want to start at the beginning of the series.

RATING:  Artistic License. Maggie Kean, Nageeba Davis, mystery, romance, humor

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