April Fools – my least favorite day

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April Fools day

So I always wonder if it’s supposed to by April Fool’s day – as in a day belonging to fools, or April Fools day – as in a day when people are fools.

By now it’s over this year. The pranks and jokes have either made people laugh and are going viral around FaceBook.

Here’s one I can only think is a joke. YouTube deletes all videos. Although it was published on March 31.

Taking April Fools to the next level

Things I hope never happen on April Fools day.

  • Alien invasion. We won’t believe it until it’s too late and we’re all just food for giant lizards
  • Peace on earth – wouldn’t it be cool just for a morning?
  • The second coming – well, it’s also a little to close to Easter for that
  • Free energy discovered
  • Zombie apocalypse
  • You Tube deletes all videos
  • Facebook changes the rules again
  • The big 5 publishing houses figure out how to work in the 21st century
  • Ice cream becomes a diet food

The real reason I hate April 1

I’m big on trust. I don’t like the idea that I have to second guess everything that happens on that one day of the year. Sometimes the most interesting tidbit of information turns out to be a joke.

I like the idea of having fun. I don’t so much like the idea of pranks because I find most of them to be mean. The victim really hasn’t much of an option but to laugh it off, or be labelled a grump. I even like the idea of having a day of fun, but I’d much rather the equation was reversed. What about the idea of 364 days of fun and one morning of solemnity?

So, it’s over for this year. How did you fare? Anyone have a great April Fools prank that they want to share?