An Island of Illusions by Jennifer L Jennings: book review

When you win a trip to Hawaii with a husband you no longer love, is it a win? Well, there’s more to the prize than meets Sarah’s expectations. A client paid for the whole deal – the string? Find the missing child. an island of illusions, Jennifer L jennings, Hawaii, oahu, mystery

Is her marriage falling apart because of all the secrets? Her husband doesn’t know she’s working for a PI, or that she’s putting her life on the line while he tries to recover from a strained muscle. Or maybe her marriage is falling apart because they don’t love each other and haven’t for a long time.

Putting aside her personal problems is easy when there’s a case to solve, and she has a sexy partner to distract her. But finding a child who’s been lost this long is almost impossible. Spoiled clients, bodies piling up, and a case that defies solving sours the paradise of Sarah’s vacation.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes a bit of grit in their mystery and a realistic backdrop of the effects of being a secret investigator.

RATING:  an island of illusions, Jennifer L jennings, Hawaii, oahu, mystery

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