Amazon tests takeoff issues for Kindle

Those of us who want to read electronically on a plane are waiting for the FAA to mpicture of a Kindle Reading Devise on a flat backgroundake it possible to do it from the moment we sit to the moment we get ready to leave.

Amazon tests the problem

This post from Teleread is a teaser. I’m not advocating that the FAA or their compatriots let the makers of devices prove the safety. Even the most naive of us could probably predict the outcome.

Let’s make suggestions

I think it is difficult for the FAA to consider a new approach. As you’ll see in the comment I put on the Teleread post, I think the tests will take so long that the technology may have changed so much that we’ll need a new round of tests.

Takeoff and landing are the most dangerous times – this is why we need to put away the electronic devices. It’s also the time where I need more distraction. The inflight magazine is okay, but if you are taxing for any length of time, you’ll run out of reading material pretty quick.

I think the FAA could just create a set of standards that need to be met. The electronic devices could be made to meet the standard – and be tested. Then the inventors of devices can go at it to their heart’s content.

What ideas do you have?