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4 stars

Kidnapping. Smugglers. A missing woman

A trip to France turns sour when Charity and her best friend, Lu, have to trace a missing woman who may have fallen into the hands of a smuggling ring. Could it be more than smuggling? Is there a Russian Mafia connection? Only Charity and Lu can find the details.

Matthieu is instantly drawn to Lu, and he risks his job to help them. They follow clues around the twisting streets of Pina Sur Midi, searching for Audrey and the dangerous people who took her. The town's colorful exterior hides a criminal past and a dark, threatening present. Charity and company will have to find the truth before Audrey turns up dead.

If you like following a complicated puzzle with an undercurrent of menace, you’ll love this second Charity Deacon Investigation.



Deceit. Murder. Fear.

Charity just wants to watch Jake make a movie. Then the sirens wail, and Charity thinks a quick look at the problem won’t hurt. Taking a peek at the crime scene, Charity sees a familiar face. Now she has to keep Val from becoming the next victim, or being sent to prison for the crime.

The investigation is complicated by the community torn between developers and movie makers. Rumors from residents could be the key to solving the case, or just a petty revenge for imagined slights.

If you love Stephanie Plum, you’ll love the third Charity Deacon investigation as she follows the twisted clues to get to the killer.