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Missing prostitutes and gang violence are just the start in The Charity Deacon books

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                      Ritual sacrifice. Terror. Faith.         A deadly secret and a violent crime.

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Urban Fantasy

One dead human is a problem, and three is something Quinn can’t ignore. Someone has to stop the Fae before the humans commit a second genocide.

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Trahaearn is stuck with a bloodthirsty goddess, a scheming Sidhe queen, and humans who seem determined to get in the way.

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Science Fiction

Desperation leads to Rebellion.             True safety only comes at the cost of freedom.

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Madeline had a life plan. It didn’t include being kidnapped and dragged to a magical world where life danced on the edge of a blood feud.

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No clues and an oath that will kill them if they reveal the truth to anyone.  Willowvine and Springheart must find the missing elven stones and save the elves.

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Join Nicki, Alicia, Celeste, and Glory as they look for love in the small town of Riverton

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Just having a book inside you crying to be told doesn’t go anywhere without a little help. Knowing what the ‘experts’ do isn’t always helpful. Sometimes you just need a coach to lead you through the aspects of storytelling.

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