Imperative – Book 1 of the Quinn Larson Quests – Free on Smashwords

The Quinn Larson Quests is a series based in a strange magical world, hidden in everyday objects and familiar places. With spells built of willpower wrapped around mundane things, Quinn finds his way through danger and loss, scheming and combat, all only a step away from the bright, normal streets of Vancouver.

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“If you’ve read and liked Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files and you have a thing for Celtic fae mythology, this should already be in your shopping cart.”

Imperative is a fantasy story about power, scheming, and the lengths that someone will go to in order to get what they want.


Quinn Larson is a wizard. His life in the hidden world of the Vancouver Real Folk is one of study and socializing, and he’d prefer if it stayed that way. One unfortunate night, however, he witnesses a human’s death at the hands of a fairy, and it becomes clear that all is not well among the magical races.

One dead human is a problem, and three is something he can’t ignore. Neither can the human authorities, and the last time the Real Folk came this close to being exposed, it caused a genocide that washed away a part of all their magical power. Someone has to make the murders stop and avert the attention of the police, or they may face much worse than death, and that task falls to Quinn.

But why are the fairies killing humans? Why are the beautiful, immoral, power-hungry Sidhe involved? Quinn will need all the help he can get to figure it out – help like Olan, a pixie with an unfortunate case of feathers; Princess Elizabeth, the leader of the rose fairies; Cate Witherspoon, a witch that he’s never been able to stop thinking about. For all their sakes, he has to find the answers before the body count gets much higher. But as his enemies rise to stop him, Quinn is left with a terrible question.

How much would you sacrifice in the service of the greater good?