A New Cover for Compulsion

Compulsion gets a new cover and blurb!

In the land of the blind…

Quinn Larson kept the Real Folk hidden, but the cost was more than any man should bear. The ex-fairy queen Fionuir has been exiled, but not before her magics disabled him. And Cate – the friend who he hoped would become something more – is dead, the victim of a demon whose origin remains a mystery.

Now, he has to contend with losing his sight and gaining an apprentice, while the Sidhe still weave their twisted schemes. Lionel once studied under Cate, and he wants revenge just as much as Quinn does.

But there are bigger events happening that demand his attention, and there are other people who need his help. Someone is stealing the babies and treasure of the fae for some sinister purpose. The ancient Druids have awoken, with an unknown agenda and lot of magical power at their command. The demon that killed Cate may have been summoned by a group of clueless Goth teenagers, who could hurt themselves as much as anyone else. Once again, it falls to Quinn to find the solution to every problem, and prevent a meltdown among the magical races.

One inescapable fact remains, however.

If a wizard would fight, he must be able to see.