A good day to die hard, why John McClane is a great hero

a good day to die hard, die hard,john mcclaneA Good Day to Die Hard, the new Die Hard movie is out and I’m not checking the ratings because I don’t care what anyone thinks, John McClane can keep battling villains for a long time to come.

Why he’s such a great hero

Say what you will about chick flicks, the Die Hard franchise is for women. It’s action instead of romance, but it’s still an idealized way of dealing with life. Most importantly, John is a real character. No matter what we want on the screen, no one would put up with this guy in real life. And that’s what happened in the movie.

From the very beginning, John’s marriage was broken. The best thing was that there was no Hollywood ending for the relationship. John would be a horrible guy to live with. He knows best and he is stubborn enough to defeat all kinds of excellent bad guys. But I’m guessing he’s not the kind of guy who will take out the garbage or do the dishes.

The Hollywood factor

To me, the failure of a lot of movies is this inability to leave a part of the ending undone. Every bad guy gets killed/punished. Every relationship heals. That’s not life.

A Good Day to Die Hard is – I hope – going to leave the relationship open between John and his son. Like the last move, Live Free or Die Hard, did with his daughter. They ended up realizing how similar they were, but there was no Happy Ending for them.

I like a little ambiguity in my stories.

A Good Day to Die Hard, my expectations

I’m seeing it tomorrow, and here’s what I hope will happen.

Great villain, you can’t really to Alan Rickman, but there have been some great ones, check out this list for a run down memory lane.

Lots of unrealistic action shots, I don’t think I need to explain this one. Or perhaps the image of John McClane running barefoot through a rain of bullets and broken glass would help bring back the memory.

Tag lines, what can I say Yippee Ki yay M@#$$

John will win against all odds.

Leave your comments if you like, I won’t look until I’ve seen the movie.